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Will Hoge Band

Born and raised in Tennessee, Grammy nominated singer songwriter and activist, Will Hoge, made his name honing a blend of soulful Americana and heartland rock & roll that has allowed him to release 11 records, tour the globe and earned him a #1 song “Even If It Breaks Your Heart”. Although he’s grateful for the commercial success, what’s even more important to him is the freedom to stand up for his convictions and put them into his music when the time calls for it.

Never afraid to wade into political territory, Hoge has expressed his observations and frustration with human rights issues over the last 15 years, and as conflicts continued and intensified, he refuses to remain silent. Border police. Political corruption. Poverty. Gun control. Indifference to others’ suffering…Hoge confronts them all head-on with his new release, My American Dream, (out Oct. 5th) and is the fiercest, angriest and most heartfelt collection of songs he’s released to date.