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A Well Strung Guitars office is located inside Songbirds Guitar Museum. Whether you are looking for a valuation of your prized instrument or looking to sell your rare or vintage instrument,Well Strung Guitars offers professional appraisal services as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise. While affiliated with Well Strung Guitars, Songbirds Guitar Museum does not participate in the retail or resale of instruments, and does not have guitars available for purchase on premises.

Well Strung Guitars offers two types of appraisals. See below for information and applicable fees.

Photo Appraisal

We can conduct a valuation of your instrument via photo. The purpose of this type of appraisal is primarily to provide a general approximation of the fair market value of the instrument; however, it is not a substitute for an in-hand and more comprehensive examination of the instrument. The cost for this service is $70. Photo requirements and information regarding this type of appraisal may be requested via the form below.

In-hand appraisal

We can perform appraisals on site at the We Buy Guitars office located inside Songbirds Guitar Museum. The cost for this service will vary as to how difficult the instrument is to inspect; all appraisals of this kind are subject to a minimum $100/hour. In-hand appraisals are by appointment only. Appointments may be made via the form below.

Contact Us for More Information or to request an appraisal

Any estimates or approximations of the value of an instrument are solely the opinion of Well Strung Guitars. Appraisals conducted upon the same instrument by different persons may result in diverse conclusions as to value. Appraisals on instruments prepared by Well Strung Guitars are for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer to purchase said instrument unless otherwise noted.